Published on 05/02/2017 11:01 am

Denim has always been a staple for pants, but when it comes to jackets, people face a lot of trepidation in donning the material. While Denim jackets were in favor in the 90s, they lost their steam somewhere in the beginning of the new millennium. Right now, denims are back again, and it’s time that we talk about styling them right. The thing about denim jackets is that you might get tired of wearing them, way before they show any wear or tear; and worn right, the denim jacket can help add an element of ruggedness to your look.

Let us guide you with a few tips and pairing ideas to get you back into the habit of styling denim jackets.


The cut of the jacket should sit around your waist. If it’s too long, it will look like a shirt that’s been left un-tucked and if it’s too short, it will look feminine. Unlike some materials, a denim jacket will not stretch or yield by much over the years. So, the best idea is to get the right fit at the time you buy it.

While we’re talking about

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Styling Denim Jackets